Saturday, November 27, 2004

What's all this about?

Well, I've recently started an IT consultancy / Micro-ISV and like a lot of people out there, I've decided to write up my experiences.


Two reasons, to be honest.
1. There's no publicity like free publicity. ;-P
2. I hope that by sharing my experiences, I can encourage other people to do the same... which is great 'cause there's a lot I've got to learn!

Of course, there's more to life than just one's work, and since I'm very interested in both Religion and Geo-Politics, I'll be writing and commenting about that as well. Both subjects would have crept in anyway, so might as well make things clear from the start.

Mind you, I'm still a little skeptical about this whole 'blogging' business. In my experience, most bloggers are moronic, bile filled blow-hards who talk way, way too much. Lucky for me, I'm a bile filled blow-hard myself, so I should fit in just fine. :-P

Anyway, that's all for now. More later...

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