Saturday, February 05, 2005

AAAARRGGHH! Someone's got 'my' domain name!

Picture this. You've just been hit by a absolute corker of a brain wave. The product idea looks good, the market is wide open and there's quite a bit of pent up demand. You've also got an excellent, catchy name all picked out. It's easy to use, it's 'punny' and it rolls right off the tongue. It's brilliant!

So you log on to your friendly neighbourhood domain name reseller's and check if it's available...

It's not.

Cue the screaming, tearing of hair and purposeless running around. And to make it just that bit worse, it's pointing to some chintzy site which looks like it hasn't been visited since the Middle Ages (2000 CE). Damn, you could twist that guy's head right off!

But wait! There's hope!! You check the whois records; the domain expires in two months!!! Will the current owner renew it? Won't he? Should you splurge for the domain on SnapNames or buy it for much less manually?! Will you run out of '!'s before this post ends?!

Oooooh, the agony!

Watch this space for updates! :-P

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