Monday, November 14, 2005

GTD TiddlyWiki

This has got to be the flat-out, most mind-blowing thing I've seen all month!

A fully functional wiki in a single, standalone page of HTML. Using the magic of Javascript and CSS, the authors have managed to make a complete application which requires nothing more than a modern browser to operate. Just save the empty template to your own computer, double click it and away you go!

It's got regex incremental searching, tagging, snazzy animations... the works. It's replaced my text only todo file habit of several years and that is quite a milestone. It's got some basic keyboard shortcuts which make editing your entries (or tiddlers) quite easy. Since it's HTML, you have the ability to create links, add formatting etc. which isn't possible with a plain ol' text file natch.

It's got all the advantages of a text file (free form, completely portable, searchability) plus a whole lot more. Absolutely fantastic! :-)

It's derived from TiddlyWiki so you can use the original instead of the fork if you want.

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