Thursday, February 02, 2006

Face Time and Free Stuff

I've blogged about the need to interact with people before here and here. Christopher Hawkins has written an excellent article that succinctly sums up what it's all about:

Face Time and Free Stuff


Jigar Gosar said...

I think you have got the wrong link? nevertheless "How Users Read on the Web" was an intresting read. I think this ( is the link you wanted to post.

Arsalan Zaidi said...

Good catch Jigar! I've updated the link.

Christopher Hawkins said...

Thank you for the link and the kind words, Arsalan!

The events I describe in Face Time and Free Stuff really changed the way I thougth about business. I always knew relationships were important, but I underestimated just how important they are.

Thanks for reading, and for the link!